BAGLE - Bayesian Analysis of Gravitational Lensing Events

BAGLE is a python package used to model gravitational microlensing events both photometrically and astrometrically. Supported microlensing models include:

  • PSPL: point-source, point-lens

  • PSBL: point-source, binary-lens
    • static lens secondary

  • BSPL: binary-source, point lens
    • static source secondary

    • source secondary moving with linear motion

    • source secondary moving with accelerating motion

    • source secondary moving on circular orbit

    • source secondary moving on elliptical orbit

  • BSBL: binary-source, binary lens
    • static lens and source secondary

  • FSPL: finite-source, point-lens

  • Parallax for all of the above

All models support fitting data with single or multi-band photometry only, astrometry only, or joint fitting of photometry and astrometry (recommended).